Stars: John Jarratt, Tess Haubrich, Matt Day, Ben Oxenbould, Laura Wheelwright, Charlie Clausen, and Chris Haywood

What is the premise?

A group of international tourists embarks on the Outback adventure of a lifetime, but a chance encounter with trigger happy pig hunter Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) sets them on a journey none of them could have imagined.

What do you need to know

The TV series Wolf Creek, a spin-off from the feature film series starring John Jarratt as the murder-happy Mick Taylor, is an anthology series. Every season introduces an entirely new set of meatbags victims for  Mick to work his way through.

Season two of the series is a vast improvement on the first season, which saw Lucy Fry star as a US teenager on a holiday with her parents. After they were killed by Mick, the teenager took it upon herself to seek revenge. That season broke away from the horror slasher genre to work more as a revenge thriller. A canny move for its initial episodes to freshen the franchise up for TV, with the added benefit that a thriller series is MUCH easier for Australian subscription streaming service Stan to then sell to broadcasters internationally. But the genre switch never paid off. A revenge thriller needs a satisfying resolution for the protagonist and without Mick being killed by Lucy Fry’s teenage hero, the show just collapsed in a heap.

Season two switches the series back to its slasher roots, delivering a bus load of tourists into the outback for Mick to work his way through. Standard slasher rules apply.


The new series also introduces a much more diverse cast than one would otherwise expect from Wolf Creek, but in a sense most of this feels tokenistic with 2/3 of the people of colour eliminated pretty early into the shows run.

What should you watch out for

It’s incredibly obvious which cast members will make it through to the end of the season. If you haven’t got a good sense of who by the end of the first episode, it would be surprising. It’s really not a spoiler to say that the gorgeous Tess Haubrich features in most of the series. Watching her in this series, it seems clear that we’re watching a star in the making. Keep an eye on her.

Oh, and Matt Day’s accent. I’ve long been a member of #TeamMattDay, but his accent in this just doesn’t work. At first it just seems odd, but once you gotten on to the fact he seems to be doing an impersonation of Pierce Brosnan, you can’t not notice it. 

You’ll enjoy this if you also liked…

The Walking Dead, Scream, Harper’s Island.

How to watch it

Australia: Stan

What the critics had to say

“It’s angry and audacious, peppered by filmmakers present to serve the genre first and foremost – so fans of slasher type productions won’t complain about messed up priorities.” – Luke Buckmaster, Daily Review

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