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Dan Barrett

Dan Barrett is the Editor of Always Be Watching and is a big fan of 1980s sitcom Cheers. Prior to Always Be Watching, he produced the website and podcast Televised Revolution, was the Deputy Editor of Mediaweek Australia, and was the TV critic for Radio National’s Breakfast show.

Stan Lee dead at 95, ALF 2018(?), and Det. Pikachu

Stan ‘The Man’ Lee died today, aged 95. His pop cultural footprint is immense, with Lee leaving behind globally recognised characters that he had a hand in creating - Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, Ant-Man, Daredevil, and Captain America

Ice-T has never eaten a bagel, Disney reveals its Netflix killer, and Hulu to go abroad.

There is zero doubt in my mind that the most important news story of 2018 is Ice-T’s claim that he has never eaten a bagel. I can believe that there are people out there that have not eaten bagels before.

What Could I Be Watching? 10-11 November 2018

This is a quiet week for new shows. And even a number of ongoing series skipped this week, trying to avoid being caught up in all the interest surrounding the US midterms. So, what actually debuted this week? It’s a

Always Be Watching – 09 November 2018

Conan O’Brien is getting ready to launch the new version of his talk show. The new version of his show will be just half an hour, it will be a lot less focused on celebrity guest conversations and more on

Always Be Watching – 08 November 2018

There’s a Breaking Bad movie coming soon. It’s true. Stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief. Series creator Vince Gilligan is working on it, but few details are known just yet. It’s interesting that this is coming out at the same

Always Be Watching – 07 November 2018

There are a whole bunch of TV revivals/reboots currently on the air. Joe Adalian at Vulture has taken a look to see which of them are/aren’t working. What surprises me in thinking about these is that CBS, a network who

Always Be Watching – 06 November 2018

Back in the good old days (1998), when a TV series made an announcement that it was set to do a big budget movie, that meant the film was going to get a release to cinemas. And sure, the only

Always Be Watching – 05 November 2018

Kelsey Grammer is keen on more Frasier, but unlike when he moved on from Cheers to his own series with the character, he wants to bring the Frasier cast with him. Which is a shame. Frasier was good while it

Always Be Watching… this weekend | 03 November 2018

This month represents 90 years since the debut of Steamboat Willie - the animated short that introduced Mickey Mouse to the world. It was released November 18, 1928. As you would likely guess, Disney will be celebrating this anniversary in

Always Be Watching – 02 November 2018

Do you remain confused by all the news about the soon-to-change TV landscape with so many big multi-national streaming services ready to launch? NBC’s Dylan Byers is here to help with this explainer that recontextualises all of the streaming services