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Dan Barrett

Dan Barrett is the Editor of Always Be Watching and is a big fan of 1980s sitcom Cheers. Prior to Always Be Watching, he produced the website and podcast Televised Revolution, was the Deputy Editor of Mediaweek Australia, and was the TV critic for Radio National’s Breakfast show.

Always Be Watching – 02 November 2018

Do you remain confused by all the news about the soon-to-change TV landscape with so many big multi-national streaming services ready to launch? NBC’s Dylan Byers is here to help with this explainer that recontextualises all of the streaming services

Always Be Watching – 01 November 2018

A 24/7 free streaming service delivering you all the Hollywood news and entertainment you crave? CBS, through its Entertainment Tonight brand, is launching ET Live. The service will be available through CBS’ existing platforms: CBSN (it’s 24/7 streaming news service)

Always Be Watching – 31 October 2018

If you’re not much into video games, you probably saw a lot of chatter about Red Dead Redemption 2 (plus bus ads and other outdoor advertising) everywhere last week and were a bit confused. How big a deal was its

Always Be Watching – 30 October 2018

In the US today it is National Cat Day. So, here’s Netflix trolling with the release of the trailer for its upcoming series Dogs. [embedded content] What? Could it be that all of the news in the last few days

Always Be Watching – 29 October 2018

Shock! Apu is being written out of The Simpsons. We know this is true because a fan, *ahem*, ‘producer’ hoping to get Fox to produce a script created through a website competition he was running said a producer told him

Always Be Watching – 27 October 2018

It’s Saturday morning here at Always Be Watching HQ. I have a couple of news stories to kick-start your weekend and a wrap of the new TV shows that have launched/returned this week. American Vandal has been cancelled at Netflix

Always Be Watching – 26 October 2018

Officially, Megyn Kelly is still the host of the NBC Today show. But in the last 24 hours she has lost her agents and has lawyers in with NBC currently discussing an exit from the network said to be worth

Always Be Watching – 25 October 2018

Every morning I wake up, get ready for work, walk my dogs, and spend about 30-40 minutes going through the TV/screen culture news of the day to put together the ABW newsletter. Yesterday was no different, but there was one

Always Be Watching – 24 October 2018

Steve Carell is coming back to television. He’s just signed on as the co-lead, opposite Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming Apple series currently known as ‘Untitled Morning Show Series’. Written by Kerry Ehrin based on an original

Always Be Watching – 23 October 2018

Orson Welles final movie The Other Side of The Wind is due for release on 2 November 2018. Vulture has a write-up on the history of the project and how we are now seeing its release 48 years after it