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Swipe right on Friends fans, comfort food, and The Simpsons special…

For any Always Be Watching readers who are looking for love in all the wrong places, this will possibly come as little surprise, but apparently Friends was the most frequently mentioned TV show in Tinder users bios through 2018. What

TV news

The highest paid YouTuber reviews toys + the end of The Good Place?

When you think about successful YouTubers, you’re likely thinking of a twentysomething talking about video games, or fashion. But the truth is that the most successful YouTube star is Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Review. He reviews toys and pulled in

TV news

John Grisham is coming to TV, the death of linear cable TV, and 10 All Access launches

John Grisham is coming to TV. It was always going to happen, but the surprise here is that this is happening in the most interesting way possible. ABC Signature are producing, for Hulu, The Grisham Universe. It will start with

TV news

D-Day for Friends on Netflix? Sad Jen! And so much more.

One of the true Netflix success stories has been licensing Friends. It’s possible that the old NBC sitcom is the most watched show on the platform, with old fans and new fans all binge-watching the series. Its success, to me,

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The death of the dog with the blog, Sabrina returns, + Star Wars TV filming.

RIP Kuma, the original Dog With a Blog. The Disney star was 16 years-old. Trainer Sarah Clifford told Deadline that Kuma had suffered complications from a recent stroke. “Losing Kuma is the hardest thing I have ever gone through,” she wrote the

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Blade Runner is coming to TV, Bobbie Phillips speaks out, and Ice-T addresses his bagelgate.

Blade Runner is coming to TV as an anime series. The only surprise here is that it has taken this long to happen. It will be named Blade Runner - Black Lotus and will run for 13 half-hour episodes. The

TV news

A new Star Wars show this week? Also, Ava scores $100 million.

A new Star Wars cartoon launches this week, aimed explicitly at kids. The first six episodes will launch this Friday, with more to come in December. Each episode promises “fun and educational add-ons designed to help older fans, parents, and

TV news

Netflix’s new Charlie & The Chocolate Factory show, YouTube & Facebook’s original series problems, and the death of The Walking Dead

Get ready for the Roald Dahl / Netflix expanded universe of shows that will teach an entirely new generation of kids that there is actually a name ‘Roald’. Dahl books that are set for Netflix adaptations in this new, overlapping

TV news

Brooker on San Junipero, Murphy Brown on ICE, and the hottest cast on TV.

There is no literary form more exciting and compelling than the oral history of a television show - especially when it is focused on just a single episode. Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones lead-off with this oral history

TV news

Reboots are tanking, MST3K returns, and the essential Married With Children (really!)

The New York Times today has a great write-up on the current state of play in the US in regards to TV viewership. It notes: Broadcast audiences continue to fall as viewers shift their consumption to streaming services like Netflix,