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Jack Ryan – Season One

15 September, 2018

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TV news

NEWS: Bill Daily dies, Spidey delivers a sad proposal, and drone racing.

TV legend Bill Daily, best known as Capt/Major Healey on I Dream of Jeannie and as Bob Newhart’s neighbour Howard in The Bob Newhart Show, has passed away aged 91. Daily was tremendously funny on both shows and it was

TV news

NEWS: Evening Shade star Burt Reynolds dies, Party of Five is back, and the return of the Care Bears.

Burt Reynolds' most memorable roles Reynolds returned to television to headline four seasons of the CBS sitcom Evening Shade, in which he once again played a football player. He did 98 episodes as Wood Newton, a former member of the Pittsburgh Steelers

TV news

NEWS: Doctor Who gets a date, predicting the next TV hit, and Frank Underwood is dead.

A Complete Guide to Fall TV’s Many Reboots, Revivals, and Spinoffs If 2016 marked the beginning of Too Much TV, 2018 is the boiling point for a new phase that’s equal parts annoying and endearing: Nostalgia Fever. These days, it’s rare

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NEWS: Exploring Jack Ryan as a character, Norm MacDonald gets real, and the world is introduced to Miss Sherlock. And more…

Can Jack Ryan Be the Hero in 2018? Krasinski is the fifth actor to slip into the great man’s suit jacket/bulletproof vest. “I am not field personnel—I am only an analyst!” protests Alec Baldwin, playing Ryan in 1990’s runaway-submarine thriller The Hunt

TV news

NEWS: The end of Adventure Time, actors support former Cosby Show actor, and David Cronenberg has a show

Always Be Watching newsletter subscribers will have noticed a few weird formatting issues over the past week. There's a new publishing system in place and I'm working through some idiosyncrasies in the process. So, apologies for that.- Dan Actors Tweeted Their

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NEWS: Aussie actor cast as Manson, Zumbo to return, and DC SVOD gets a date

‘Mindhunter’ Season 2: David Fincher Using Same Actor to Play Charles Manson as Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Hollywood’ While Herriman has yet to film his scenes as Manson for Tarantino, Collider reports the actor already shot his work on “Mindhunter” Season 2

TV news

RIP Mr Robot; ALSO: HBO gets rid of late night smut, while Alex Jones is caught sticky-handed

There's so much TV news to work through today. But, let's all be honest - the only thing anyone cares about is the new Jack Ryan TV show. And by everyone, I mean me.  The New Yorker gave it a

TV news

Roseanne cancellation aftermath + Pokemon Go reaches 800 million + VR set to revolutionise live events

TV news

Roseanne cancelled + Remembering Phil Hartman + Will Coyote catch Roadrunner?

TV news

Netflix now worth almost as much as Disney + The new Babysitters Club TV show + Holly Marie Combs upset by ‘Charmed’ reboot