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Jack Ryan – Season One

The hero of Tom Clancy's iconic airport literature series makes the leap to the TV screen in the new eight-episode first season of Amazon's Jack Ryan. This isn't the first time Ryan has been adapted to screen: Alec Baldwin starred

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NEWS: Exploring Jack Ryan as a character, Norm MacDonald gets real, and the world is introduced to Miss Sherlock. And more…

Can Jack Ryan Be the Hero in 2018? Krasinski is the fifth actor to slip into the great man’s suit jacket/bulletproof vest. “I am not field personnel—I am only an analyst!” protests Alec Baldwin, playing Ryan in 1990’s runaway-submarine thriller The Hunt

TV news

RIP Mr Robot; ALSO: HBO gets rid of late night smut, while Alex Jones is caught sticky-handed

There's so much TV news to work through today. But, let's all be honest - the only thing anyone cares about is the new Jack Ryan TV show. And by everyone, I mean me.  The New Yorker gave it a